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The city of Christchurch is located on the South island of NZ. It has the second largest population, after Auckland, and is the largest business hub on the South Island. The city has a mild climate and scenic beauty that boasts of both beautiful beaches and hills.


The city was founded in 1850 as a planned community with an English heritage. Since then the city has become one of the most livable cities and business centers in the world.


What sets Christchurch apart from other cities in the world is that it is essentially a niche city with infrastructures that match any large metropolitan city in the world. The city boasts of urban design and transport, excellent telecommunication networks and an international airport. It also has an extensive rail and road network. Christchurch is a globally well-connected city that has the ability to export all over the world.


The city accounts for nearly 14% of the national economy. A large part of the local economy of the city depends primary on produce such as grains, vegetables, grapes, horticultural produce, dairy products, meat, wool, timber and aquaculture. Other sectors that make a significant contribution to the local economy are the related infrastructure and the value added processing operations. 4,00,000 residents of the city operate 38,000 businesses here because Christchurch is one of the best cities of NZ to do business in.


Christchurch city has a population of 35,00,000 (about two third of the Canterbury region population). The workforce is highly competitive, skilled, stable and cost effective. The city enjoys a steady and reliable supply of resources such as water, energy and land. Another attractive feature of the city is that it has one of the best open access fiber optic networks in NZ.


The business ecosystem in Canterbury-Christchurch and its surrounding area includes Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers and Exporters Association, and Canterbury innovation incubator.


The agency that promotes business and economic development in Christchurch is Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC). The Christchurch city council in association with CDC has formulated a Christchurch Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The aim of CEDS is to develop a long-term economic goal for Christchurch and guide future activities that can have a significant impact on the economic growth of Christchurch.


In the last 30 years, the Christchurch Economic Development Agency (CEDA) has functioned in association with a wide array of businesses, from start-ups to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  Other emerging industries in the area include industrial engineering, manufacturing, electronics and software development, nutraceuticals, food innovation, manufacturing, research facilities, tourism and education.


Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL) is a unique investment vehicle that showcases the commitment and dedication of the city to invest in major areas of the local economy. CCHL plays an active role in supporting the city council's goal of making Christchurch “a world class boutique city”. It encourages investments in infrastructure assets such as water, energy supply and telecommunications.


With so many facilities and great infrastructure, it is no wonder that a large number of investors and business are choosing Christchurch as their base over other cities.

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