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Christchurch - Investment destination in New Zealand

Capital of the Canterbury region and the largest city located in New Zealand’s south Island; Christchurch city is home to world class attractions. Like other NZ cities, it has an investment enabling environment thanks to government policies that encourage investments. It’s one of the most efficient cities in NZ in terms of energy efficiency and management. Major financial investments by the city council into the energy sector have paid off with an energy efficient system. Crucial energy initiatives have been at the core of this success. A big part of the city’s economy depends on the primary produce of its surrounding like vegetables, grains, dairy products, meat, wool, Timber and aquaculture.


For investment advice in New Zealand, there are support lines opened by the government and other advisors that help investors. Investment can be made in the vast sectors of the economy such as the tourism industry that is emerging, light industrial engineering, manufacturing, electronics and education. The Christchurch economy benefits from the associated infrastructure and the value added processing operations that supply a considerable amount to its economy. Like other knowledge based economies, the city has two universities and sixteen research facilities that are pivotal in developmental research. Technological advancements and a highly skilled labor force are typical features of its economy. For efficient transport, an international Airport, an efficient harbor, well built roads and rail links have rendered it as a major distribution hub for South Island. That has also been helped by its centrality in New Zealand.


Christchurch has a booming and robust economy that has witnessed commercial success of the local businesses. In turn, the living standard of the local population is quality. However, the city’s success has been attained thanks to the local government’s practical approach. Investments in Christchurch enjoy a safe and secure investments environment. The economic stability of the region coupled with the active government support for investments make it an ideal location for investing. Christchurch may have an emerging tourism sector and even be called “Garden City” but it has great investment potential as well too.


To encourage investment, the local council offers service officers and small industrial units, advice on the availability of commercial property, investments enquiry handling service, partnership programs for business mentoring, tourism promotion and managing a range of markets. Therefore, advice on investments will be readily availed to any potential investor at no cost at all.

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