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Dunedin, is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. It is the prime city in the Otago region. Dunedin has the fifth largest urban area which also has the largest council boundary territory in New Zealand. Owning to its geographic location, and historical and cultural relevance, Dunedin is considered one of the four main cities of New Zealand, even though it has a relatively smaller population than other cities.


The city of Dunedin is located on the hills and valley that surrounds the Otago Harbor. Dunedin is also the place where the University of Otago is located. Dunedin city also serves as a commercial and financial hub of Otago.


Dunedin is one the main cities in New Zealand and has a creative and innovative region. The city is known for various industries which include engineering, tourism, biotechnology and fashion. Also, this prime city in the Otago region boasts of several economic development units and other agencies that are dedicated to supporting the development of business in the city.


Dunedin is a city that has business opportunities and plenty that create jobs and wealth. This makes it an ideal city for foreign investment. The Dunedin City Council has dedicated an Economic Development Unit to this. The unit has a team of highly qualified members who are dedicated to working in the direction of generating business in New Zealand and attracting overseas investment to the country.


The prime motto of the Dunedin City Council is to help the business grow and help foreign investors to achieve great returns on their investments. The Dunedin city council has adopted a proactive approach to developing the city economically. It has laid out plans and strategies to facilitate growth for the foreign investors.


Dunedin is a city that encourages local business to flourish, allows growth of employment opportunities for locals, and attracts new businesses. In 2000, the Dunedin City Council developed a 10-yr Economic Development Strategy. The strategy was later revised in 2006. The strategy mainly focused on helping Dunedin city to achieve prosperity. The strategy also focused on making the city a city that values its distinct heritage, and protects its environment and knowledge.


The Economic Develop Unit of Dunedin also has provisions for monitoring the effectiveness of the strategy. The EDU aims to monitor the effectiveness by getting feedback from the Dunedin locals. The feedback from clients allows the EDU to know how satisfied the clients are who have invested in the city.


The Strategy is currently supporting Bio-industries, Creative industries, ICT services, Professional services and research industry as these industries are considered new and have great growth potential. The DCC plays an important role in bringing in new investments to this region as it helps the industries in laying foundations while starting new businesses. It also helps in commercialization of intellectual property. The DCC and the development authorities of Dunedin are dedicated to providing tailored assistance for specific needs of businesses which achieve great importance in view of changing demographics and economic conditions.


The integration of environmental management, social equity and economic growth will play an important role in sustainable  business development in Dunedin.

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