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Screen Production

Television and film producers are always on the look out for locations that offer something more than just scenic beauty, experienced crew members and state of the art production facilities.


NZ delivers all this and much more. The innovation, originality, dedication and experience of the directors, actors and other crew members of NZ have made them very much in demand today. The screen production professionals are known for their professionalism.


Many NZ companies are major suppliers of digital animation and post production services to the world. The production studios and sound stages are equipped with state of the art technology. NZ also boasts of great communication networks and connectivity which can be taken advantage of by film production crews.


The excellent screen production environment offered by NZ is a result of the coordination between all segments of NZ screen production industry. NZ has an excellent history of managing multiple international productions along with the domestic ones.


The screen production industry of NZ is completely supported by the government. Many international companies and their investors have benefited by partnering with the NZ screen production industry.


Major Hollywood studios and international film production houses have utilized post production facilities offered in New Zealand and gone on to win prestigious awards such as Oscars, BAFTAs and Emmys.


The movies shot in NZ include The Lord of The Rings: Trilogy, King Kong, The Last Samurai, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The Fastest Indian and many more.


The makers of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy also utilized the domestic industry's ability to create special effects. The digital animation techniques used in the films helped them win the Academy Award for visual effects.


Television series such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: The Warrior Princess have been shot in NZ over a period of nine years. Production houses of both series have appreciated the professionalism of the NZ crew.


Many known brands such as BMW, Coca Cola and Vodafone have made commercials in New Zealand and have won many awards.


The screen production industry enjoys strong support from both local and central government. A 12.5 % rebate is offered to productions spending over NZ $15 million.


The government of NZ announced a new incentive scheme in the 2008 budget. A Screen Production Investment Fund has been established and the policies for funding have been laid down by the government.


The New Zealand Screen Production Incentive Fund (SPIF) will offer a grant of up to 40% for eligible NZ feature films and 20% for television and other screen production.


The investment environment offered by NZ is safe, secure and stable. Other attractive features of New Zealand that make the task of production easier are easy permissions for filming, immigration regulations, taxation issues,  insurance, transport and accommodations. Filming in New Zealand is so cost effective; about 50% production cost can be saved as compared to Europe or the US.


Investment New Zealand (a government agency) facilitates foreign direct investment into New Zealand. The agency assists international investors relocate their businesses to NZ and works with NZ companies in their international business ventures.

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