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Specialized Manufacturing Opportunities in NZ

Global manufacturing companies are compelled to compete against low-cost rival companies that are able to produce sophisticated goods on a mass scale. The global companies have to constantly innovate their cost effective production methods so that their products stand out in the market.


New Zealand has a highly skilled workforce that has the required talent and experience to render the competitive advantages. Businesses in NZ are small and very flexible. They are able to provide solutions at a lowered cost compared to many other OECD countries. World class infrastructure and economic stability make NZ and excellent destination for long term investment in sophisticated goods production.


Many reputed multi national companies have setup their business in New Zealand. Some of the significant names that need mention are Ford Motor Company, International engine manufacturer 'Pratt & Whitney', American Superconductor Corporation and General Electric.


These companies have chosen to set up manufacturing units in NZ as it offers more flexible and low cost manufacturing options than Australia, Europe, and United States. Moreover, companies tend to benefit from the highly educated and competitively priced workforce available in NZ. Businesses also tend to take advantage of cost efficient research and development procedures while developing new products. Secure business environment and world class telecommunications infrastructure are some of the additional benefits that can be enjoyed by foreign investors looking for investment opportunities in NZ.



Some of the specialized manufacturing opportunities in different industries are:


1) Boat manufacturing and marine industry


People of NZ have a passion for the sea which has created a demand for world class marine products. NZ boat manufacturing industry has set a high benchmark of performance in launch boat and super yacht building technology. It has achieved distinctions in electronics, software and systems, technology, refits, sails and composites. There is a huge demand for technologically advanced design, innovative marine products and related production processes. The marine exports forecast is expected to rise to approximately NZ $1.8 billion by 2020.


2)   Aviation engineering industry


NZ’s aviation industry is gearing up to meet the ever growing global demand for sophisticated aviation services and products. NZ is providing a one stop solution to global customers in various aviation areas such as general aviation, maintenance repair and renovations, airport infrastructure, aircraft cabin interiors and training facilities.


The aviation industry in NZ shows great growth prospects. Some of the facts that fuel the future growth are:


  • NZ smelters supplies high grade aluminum required by the Aerospace industry.
  • Use of advanced composite material (known for strength) first evolved in NZ Aircraft industry. This technology has found varied applications in aerospace technology.
  • Many NZ businesses are known to provide quality services and products in different aviation areas such as designing, developing and building complex structures for aircraft interiors.


NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), a NZ government economic development agency works in collaboration with the aviation industry to strengthen its capability and increase its global connections. NZTE has complete understanding of manufacturing industry and the extensive networks within it. NZTE can help you identify and alleviate relevant investing opportunities for foreign investors.


The specialized manufacturing sector is becoming more competitive and New Zealand is expected to become an export hero of the future. NZ government has recently introduced a 100% write off for the R&D expenditure which is likely to encourage many multi-national companies to set up R&D facilities. The removal of import licensing and the lowering of tariffs have made this sector more promising for companies looking to investing in this sector.

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